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"Application is more important than a mere thought of thinking it can be done or can't be done.

Nothing works, your mind and hands do".

Rapprince Cyanide

Why should your small business have a website?

Apart from the great benefits of a website I will discuss shortly, nowadays clients or customers expect a legitimate business to at least have a website and once this is not the case, the potential customers or clients are just not impressed by your business and may google for a competitor with a website in your line of business. A website is also an asset of the business and in some cases the main business.

The common benefits of having a website:

1. Enhance Your Online Presence.
2. Build a Strong Relationship with Your Market
3. Improve Business Credibility.
4. Build Your Business.
5. Efficient Way to Promote Your Business.
6. Boost Your Reputation.
7. Create a Tool for Sales Generation.
8. Showcase Your Work.

We have a Standard, Premium and Deluxe package to choose from.

Included in our offers is the following:

1. Web Design & Hosting 
2. Free Domain Registration
3. Custom emails (Premium/ Deluxe Package)
4. Unlimited bandwidth
5. Space Limit: 2GB for Standard, 5GB for Premium and 10 GB for Deluxe
6. File Size Limit: 5Mb for Standard, 100Mb for Premium and 150Mb for Deluxe
7. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (Deluxe Package)
8. Facebook & Mobile Publishing (Deluxe Package)

Prices Start from R1200.00

Author: Munei Ramafamba (Rapprince Cyanide) - Director: The Most Properties (Pty) Ltd

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